Software Development

Our Software Development Services cover the entire software life-cycle from conceptualization to architecture, development, testing and ongoing support. we design, develop and transform a marketable idea of our customers into a scaleable product. Our Embedded Product Development services range from idea generation, product conceptualization, design, development, testing, certification, manufacturing and subsequent product support.


Add Drop Multiplexers (Regenerator, LTE, PTE)

  • Digital Cross-connects (STS-1, VT)

  • Switch Fabrics, System on a Chip

  • SONET OH processing

  • Protection Switching (BLSR, UPSR, Linear)

  • Timing and Synchronization

  • Ethernet mapping, GFP Framing (G.7041, Virtual concatenation, arbitrary concatenation)



  • Provided solution for Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) support based on IEEE 802.1ah

  • Provided solution for DOCSIS provisioning of EPON(DPoE)

  • SNMP/CLI/ WebGUI support for the above features

  • System Testing of GPON OLT and ONU products

  • Test Automation using TCL scripts & Proprietary framework

  • Multi-Layer Transport Planning & Optimization

  • SONET/SDH Transport Network Planning

  • IP/MPLS Network Planning

Networks (ISDN/VoIP/IMS,SS7, VoLTE)

  • Depth Knowledge on OpenFlow protocols VoIP , IMS , SIP , H.323, SS7 ,ISDN
  • Evaluation and selection of frameworks, open source software and tools
  • Development of control plane architecture and SDN controller architecture
  • Development of SDN product concept, and market research
  • Development of SDN orchestration solution to provide automated applications for Datacenter and Telecom Service providers – The Application Suite include
  • Monitoring Cloud resources – Network, storage and compute
  • Automatic configuration of resources and network provisioning
  • Real time network traffic information collection and analytics
  • Data center management applications
  • Rich experience in developing test tools and monitoring solutions
  • Rich experience in using off the shelf and open source frameworks


IPTV STB development and System testing

  • Applications development (EPG, VoD, PVR, NPVR, Web Browser, Games)

  • IPTV Middleware Integration (SeaChange, Minerva, Espial, OpenTV)

  • IPTV CA-DRM Integration (Nagra, NDS, SecureMedia, VeriMatrix, Irdeto)

  • Encoders ( Tandberg, Harmonic, Ripcode)

  • Chipsets (Broadcom, NxP, ST, Sigma design, TI)

  • VoD Server (Harmonic, Kasenna, SeaChange, BitBand)


LTE / 4G, CDMA , Femto Cell

  • GSM, GPRS, LBS, EVDO, WiMAX, WiFi and ZigBee

  • Integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee protocol stack into Customer products

  • Custom Profile Development on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee

  • Prototypes products such as Wi-Fi Speakers, Wi-Fi Headset, Wi-Fi Webcam etc

  • Development of 3GPP IMS Extensions

  • Provisioning and Remote Management applications using SNMP and/or TR069


OS: Linux, VxWorks, OSE and PSOS

  • Platforms: ARM, PowerPC, x86

  • Boot Loaders, BSPs & Device Drivers

  • Embedded Applications

  • Access: NG-DLC, DSLAM, DOCSIS, Cable Modem, EPON, GR- 303

  • Transport: OADM, SONET, ATM, DCC, OSC

  • VOIP: IMS, Gateway, SBC, Soft Switch, SIP, H.323, MGCP


Architecture, design, development and testing of MPLS, BGP, OSPF, RIP, BGP/MPLS, PIM, IPV6, NAT for CE and PE devices.

  • Coexistence of Virtual routers and BGP/MPLS support for PE device

  • IP Data path for CE, PE & P devices

  • QoS & Traffic Engineering

  • Classification, Queuing & Scheduling


Finance , Retail , Trading and insurance products development and testing usuing languages like C , C++ , Java , C# ,.Net etc. For Web GUI automation is on Selenium the backhand Python scripts over linux OS.

Health Care Product

Health care and Patents Lab Application products development and testing using languages like C , C++ , Java , C# ,.Net etc. For Web GUI automation is on Selenium the backhand Python scripts over linux OS.


STP/RSTP, LLDP, LACP support for metro Ethernet switch , MAC , LLC

  • VLAN, PWE support in DOCSIS/CPE device