Radisis provides highly customized and tailored solutions, a value added supplement to Radisis traditional Staffing Solutions.

Radisis Solutions has vast experience in outsourcing in several sectors. We excel in Telecommunication and Healthcare domain in networking, software development, software testing and test automation, cloud, mobility and analytics.

Our Outsourcing Solutions can deliver significant value to Organization in driving efficiencies of the field teams, Speed to market, Service Improvement and Innovation while minimizing risks.

Why RADISIS as your Outsuorcing Solution Provider?

Our people are our core at Radisis. We have hiring experts located in all major cities in the country who help you get the right talent.

  • Highly customized and Tailor made Solutions developed and implemented by Experienced Sector specialists .
  • Project Governance – Assured service levels pan-India with dedicated Project Management team.
  • Technology Enabled Solutions providing Real-time Reporting from the Field
  • Strong Internal and Project KPIs delivered