Case Study

Developement and Testing of VoIP CPE (Soma Gateway)


RADISIS has been successfully executing software projects in telecommunication(VoIP ,IMS , SIP, VoLTE ,CDMA ) and embedded domain with various business models.

A Canada based VoIP software and hardware OEM has been using RADISIS Bangalore India based Off-shore development Center (ODC) services to meet objectives as per their product(s) roadmap. The ODC has been primarily contributing to three independent set of product lines. These products are currently being used by major carriers Network in India , US and UK.


The business engagement with this customer started September, 2009 as an extension to their geographically distributed.The project in this case involves integration of Layer 2 and Layer 3 software with Mindspeed PHY on Mindspeed platform. This involves

  • Used the Mindspeed interface specification to integrate Layer2/3 stack.
  • Porting of the stack on to the Mindspeed platform. Mindspeed supports only the proprietary OS.
  • Bug fixes and real time optimization of the stack.
  • Development of EPC (MME, SGW and PGW) simulators to support the testing.
  • Testing the integrated stack on the Mindspeed hardware with a commercial UE.

Project details

Objective: To integrate VoIP CPE with Verious vendors Call Manager, system testing and customer demonstration in 6 months.

Description: LTE is a 3GPP wireless technology with high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. The standard is described in 3GPP Release 8 and 9 specifications.

  • Development of EPC (MME, SGW and PGW) simulators to support the testing.
  • Testing the integrated stack on the Mindspeed hardware with a commercial UE.


  • Quick Ramp up of highly motivated team comprising of diversified skills.
  • Smoothly adapted to customer’s unique processes, work culture and need of the customer.
  • Established well defined processes for assignments, tracking, and communication with customer including escalation path.
  • Customer imparted KT only to the core members of the team. After successful completion of KT, These core members took responsibility to further train new members that were added incrementally. This strategy reduced the burden on customer’s resources involvement in training.
  • Unique process where core team ramp up on entire product to unblock the issues even in the absence of key members.
  • Successfully overcome businesses concerns of an OEM towards outsourcing due to associated risk to maintain quality, schedules and value for money that impacts their business.
  • Successfully mitigated initial offshore development engagement issues/hurdles by, regular executive level meetings and adapted regular feedback and improvement mechanisms.
  • Ensured availability of trained resources for the project to mitigate the risk of potential attrition.
  • Quality of the product is ensured by following a SDLC process.


The challenging assignment was completed in months, well ahead of the customer expectation. The task was achieved with a great execution of the strategy. Technical capabilities of the core team and the great coordination among the team mates contributed. This achievement resulted in winning multiple assignments from the Client.

Task Accomplished:

  • GUI Implementation
  • Blackened framework implemented using python/Java scripts
  • Test scenarios database creation (around 1500 scenarios created)
  • Automation of test scenarios using python scripts
  • Offshore Team size: 44